Michelle has been invaluable in assisting me to become self-directed.  What is often keeping us from being our authentic self is fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings, anger, doubt, self-worth, pity me, why me, not meant to be, personal crisis, overwhelmed, and confusion. Often this is very subtle and although easily seen in others, very difficult to objectively identify in ourselves.  Michelle is very intuitive and assists me in seeing what is standing in my way and this awareness helps me move past my internal resistance to building the behaviors, responses, and habits that assist me in reaching my goals.More importantly she provides me tools that propel me past these. I am always amazed at the subtle things that she reveals to me about my behavior, my thinking and what I am doing.  It feels like she turns on lights to what might be a dark journey without her.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to quickly move past the issues they recognize slow their journey and more importantly the ones they do not see that are limiting their potential.  Being my authentic self is so much easier with her presence in my life! She helps me Be, Do, and Have what is required to be successful and reach my true potential.

Feb 22 2018 by Jim King

Michelle is a gem of a person and I am very lucky to have encountered her .. she is super  focussed on achieving rapid transformation for her clients and very good with her work . Michelle is someone you just have to work with .. if you want to transform your life for the better !
Thanks !

Feb 22 2018 by Rima Medhi

Michelle’s wisdom as an intuitive has guided me to find my voice as an artist.
 Her brilliant coaching created the pathway I needed to embrace the intuitive process.
My gratitude is immeasurable.

Feb 21 2018 by carol lieberman

Coach Angel Michelle was absolutely spot on even from her very first session with me. Within seconds I was teary eyed and she was tapping into areas of my life I had been unconsciously hiding from. Her loving and sweet, yet firm coaching style was exactly what I needed. Her intuitive abilities to tap into exactly what is going on with me takes the guesswork out of it and we aren’t wasting any time on advice or opinions. The energy Clearing she does immediately changes how you are feeling and it completely disrupts lifelong patterns creating incredible changes right away. No one has been able to understand me like she does and her unconditional and non judgmental love and support gave me the guidance and the freedom to really grow and create results quickly. There’s also a lot to be said to being around someone that is focusing on what is great about you and how amazing you are. You tend to show up your best when that is what someone is thinking and expecting of you. Being the very logical and business minded person that I am, I was shocked at first at how her intuitive abilities and her Angel Readings could provide such valuable insight and make such a profound difference. When I need clarity, support, encouragement, or a breakthrough...Angel Michelle is always the first person I call. I would highly highly recommend working with her and at least trying out her initial consultation. Thank you 🙏

Coral Grant

Michelle helped me get to the point where I could take major leaps of faith in my life and manifest my dreams. She has taught me to trust that the Universe will provide without questioning How and to be grateful for all that I’m blessed with. I’d been wanting to move to another country for some time but couldn’t figure out the “How”. After working with Michelle for only two months I manifested a job offer in Mexico and moved there two months later. I’m now creating my dream life here. Thank you Michelle for showing me how powerful I am! ❤❤❤❤❤

Lisa Babincsak

Michelle has helped me reach goals I didn’t think I could. I just started my own engineering firm. I needed a little push and it worked out. It’s a really small company, just two of us, but it is more fulfilling than my previous position.

Kurt Helfter

What can be said about Michelle? She is incredibly gifted in her ability to help you gain the most out of your life and to help you let go of the things holding you back on your progress. I highly recommend her for anyone whether it is coping with a challenging situation or seeking to live your best life possible. Outstanding work with a charming personality, you will not be disappointed! Call her today.

Gina Bauza

"I have been working with Michelle for over a year and what a difference it's made!
Before I started working with her, I'd set clear intentions about the things I wanted to bring forward and it seems that something always sabotaged the results, and I'd end up right back where I was.
After I started working with Michelle, I could see results, within hours of our first session! She has an innate ability to zero in on just what needs to be cleared out and gets it done with speed and ease. I have learned to trust the direction she takes, even when it doesn't seem to fit my situation.
Now, after a year of working with her, instead of going back into the trial and error pattern of doing it myself, I set up a session with Michelle. I've learned, instead of suffering or taking the long way to what I want, to allow Michelle to short-cut it.
I highly recommend, not only giving her a "look see" but working with her on a regular basis."

Sandy Hargrave

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